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1. Booking a course

The binding booking of a language course or individual lessons is made in person or online (via the registration form, the contact form or zoom). The course is only securely reserved as soon as either the full course fee or a deposit of € 50.00 has been paid. Any down payment will be offset against the course fee later.

A free consultation is possible before the binding booking.

2. Place and time of class

Classes take place online via zoom or a  other agreed  Chat platform instead.

Classes take place regularly at the agreed times on fixed weekdays and times. Changing the day of the week or the time is only possible in exceptional cases.

3. Non-teaching days, appointment cancellation, non-participation

There are no classes on Sundays and public holidays. Vacation plans must be communicated in good time.

If the lesson is canceled on our part, an alternative date will be agreed. If the participant does not cancel at least 24 hours before the lesson, it will not be made up for or reimbursed. In the event of early cancellation, an alternative date can be agreed.

Unused lessons of individual participants in the pair course can neither be made up nor reimbursed.

4. Duration when booking an hourly package

An hourly package is an offer for a reduced hourly fee. Therefore, the lessons must be completed within a reasonable time frame. The course duration depends on the number of hours booked and the agreed dates per week and is determined when the course is booked. Reported vacation times or other special occurrences are taken into account in the planning. If the agreed course duration is exceeded, we reserve the right to end the course without reimbursement of the fee.

5. Payment terms

In the case of cash payment, the course fee must be paid by the beginning of the first class at the latest. In the case of a bank transfer, the amount must be received on the bank account no later than the working day before the first lesson date. To be on the safe side, the transfer should therefore be made at least three days in advance. Couples courses can only start once the fee has been paid by all participants. In the case of individual training courses, payment in installments of up to three installments can be agreed.

6. Revocation / cancellation / rebooking

The course booking can be canceled free of charge up to 14 days before the start of the course. The deposit will be refunded. In the event of later cancellation, the deposit will be retained as a processing and cancellation fee and can therefore not be reimbursed.

For courses booked online, there is a right of cancellation for 14 days from the time the course was booked. Hours already worked will not be reimbursed.

It is possible to rebook. If agreed in good time, the start of the course can be postponed to a later point in time, but no later than one month after the originally agreed start of the course. You can also switch to a different course type. In this case, fees that have already been paid will be offset. However, if the price of the course type is higher, additional fees may arise. Refunds are excluded.

7. Other

The participants undertake to cooperate. Regular attendance and punctual appearance are required.

In particular cases of hardship, a deviation from the conditions of participation is possible. This requires personal consultation and must also be agreed in writing.

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