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Speak German
with Confidence

Hello, I'm Charlotte.

Get your free resources,

training, and action steps 

necessary to build 

fluency and confidence.

Charlotte - CharLingua

A good start can determine whether your time abroad will be a success -for you and for your whole family.

A1 Sprachkurs Deutsch trifft sich in Café

learn German successfully

  • German for beginners

  • A solid foundation for the most important situations in everyday life

  • Innovative teaching methods - this is how learning is fun!

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10 Tips:

Instantly improve your German pronunciation

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Your blog for
learning German

  • Grammar made easy

  • Culture & Traditions 

  • and much more!

  • In German with lots of vocabulary

  • AND in  English

What my students say ...

Charlotte - I chose you, beause you are for me an entry to German culture and people. There are not many Germans in my circle of friends (a few) and even though I can ask them all sorts of things, I feel I cannot keep asking them the same kind of questions.

With you the link is more natural. Besides the language we talk about the culture, the habits, the way people do things.

And this understanding of Germans and their culture and maybe even heritage gives great insights and is important to me.


Caroline from the Netherlands

Fröhliche Kinder von Expat Familie in Deutschland

No matter whether you want to stay in Germany for 2 years or for 20 years: When you come to a new country with your family, you want to start a new life.

Two aspects are essential:

  • the language  - so that you can talk to other people and make friends.

  • the mentality and culture - so that you know how life works in everyday life, at school and at work. 

Learning and figuring all this out on your own takes months and is often frustrating.  

Being a German native speaker, certified language teacher and mother of 4 kids, I use my insider knowledge to give you a solid basis for your life in Germany.  

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