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How to register your address in Germany

When moving to Germany and planning to stay for more than three months (which is already considered to be taking up permanent residence), you must register your address (Anmeldung) within two weeks of your arrival.

Have you found a new home in Germany? Congratulations!

But don’t forget to register your new address! Failure or delay to do so might get you fined.

A happy couple moves into their new apartemnt in Germany

Where do I need to go to?

You must go to the Citizens’ Office – it may be called:

  • Einwohnermeldeamt

  • Bürgerservice

  • Bürgerbüro

  • Bürgerdienste

  • Bürgeramt

In bigger cities there will be several offices – just choose the one with the most convenient location or available appointments for you.

Due to Corona-rules you will probably need to make an appointment (Termin) online before you go there!

How do I register?

You need to register in person or you may give another person a letter of authorisation to register on your behalf.

What do I need to present?

  • your valid passport or identification card.

  • a written confirmation by your landlord or property owner. This "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung" has to be filled out and signed by the landlord or property owner of your accommodation.

Have the completed registration form (Anmeldung) ready.

You can download the form online

from the website of your city or community.

If you authorise another person they have to present

  • your authorisation letter

  • their passports or identity cards

  • your passport or identity card

  • the Registration Form filled out and signed by you

  • the "Wohungsgeberbestätigung", filled out and signed by the landlord or property owner of your accommodation.

You will receive a written confirmation of registration.

This proof of registration is often required by other institutions or authorities.

Change of Address

Did you find a nicer apartment? Each subsequent change of address within Germany and even within the city you already live in must be re-registered (Ummeldung) – same procedure as above.


If you move to a different city within Germany you do not need to de-register (Abmeldung). Your new city of residence (where will obviously register) will do this for you automatically.

De-registration is only required when you leave Germany to move to another country.

Primary or Secondary Residence

If you have registered more than one place of residence in Germany, you need to determine which is your primary and which is your secondary place of residence and declare that as well.

Restricting Information Disclosure

Good to know: The information submitted in a registration form is generally shared with other public institutions, for example telephone directories or political parties. If you want to prevent this sharing of information you should fill in the form “Antrag auf Speicherung von Übermittlungssperren”


How much does it cost to register?

Fortunately, the registration is free of charge.

How do I find the right Citizens Office?

Just type in on Google: Anmeldung + name of the German city where you now live and you will find the official website to get the appointment further information and the documents you need to fill in as downloads.

Do I receive a confirmation of the registration?

Yes, it’s called “Meldebestätigung” or “Anmeldebestätigung“.

You will need it if you don’t have an ID-card stating your address when you need to prove your place of residence.

It will be useful:

  • for opening a bank account (more than a basic version) or

  • for getting a contract for you mobile phone (other than prepaid).


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